> My photo gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery! Here you will find alot of photos. The last time that I counted all the photos, there was more than 4000 of them! So, as you can see, I love taking photos, and it doesn't really matter what the photos are of either, lol. In the various categories below, you can view all the photos that I've taken of my family and myself, my holidays, the various things that I've done or the events that I've been to, as well as photos of cars and computers etc. So basically there is loads of stuff! Here are the categories ...

My personal photos :

- Photos of myself
- Photos of my family

My holiday photos :

- Summer holidays in 2006
- Holiday in Japan in 2005
- Summer holidays in 2005
- Spring holidays in 2005
- Holiday in England in 2005
- Summer holidays in 2004
- Holiday in Italy in 2004
- Holiday in Japan in 2003
- Summer holidays in 2002

The other photos that I've taken :

- Rurales Folies at Charenton du Cher in 2006
- The medievil festival at Sagonne in 2006
- Photos taken with my mobile phone from 2005 to 2007
- Photos taken with my mobile phone from 2003 to 2005
- The medievil festival at Bannegon in 2005
- The tip to holland to buy some cars in 2005
- Various photos of karting taken from 2001 to 2004
- The trip to the Interop exhibition in Paris in 2003
- The trip to Tours with my parents in 2003
- Some modified cars at Magny Cours in 2003
- The school trip to Parc Asterix in 2003
- Photos taken on the 21st of February in 2003
- Photos taken in the snow in 2003
- Photos taken while I was at school in 2002
- Photos taken at an exhibition in 2002
- Photos taken at the shooting range in 2002
- Damien's 18th birthday party in 2002

And even more photos :

- See all my car photos by clicking here ...
- See all my computer photos by clicking here ...