Hmmm, so ... what's new ?

26th June 2005
The forum is now back online ! To check it out, click HERE !!

20th June 2005
Ok, so here we are. It's been a while, and alot of things have happened, but now the site is back online. One of these days I really have to start making the next Danz Web, but for the moment you'll have to make do with this one as I don't have the time to make the new one yet. I've updated a few things on the site when I put it back up, mostly the photos, my computer, my car and links sections. The forum is currently not online ... but for now please enjoy the site ... ~Dan

10th April 2005
Well, things are finally moving a little. Today we managed to get some work done to my car, we lowered it and fitted a Cosworth spolier, yay ! The car really is alot better now ! There are some new photos and videos of the car in the car section. Otherwise, I think I'll be moving the site to a new server, one that's completely dedicated to Danz Web and all the sites it hosts. I am currently in the process of moving the forum to the new server as a test, so the forum will be down for a while, sorry. Please come back to check for updates soon !

28th February 2005
I've updated the cars section and added 4 pics of me in the photos section. I'm glad to see that the forum is now working well and fairly popular, I hope this will continue. I am currently working on Danz Web v7, but it won't be finished for a long time as I don't have enough spare time at the moment. The work in progress of v7 can be found on my personal server here :

28th January 2005
I've updated the computer section as now I have a new PC ! Ok, it's worse that what I had before, but that was my choice, lol ...

24th January 2005
I've tidy'd up the site a little by deleting all the links that didn't have any content and added/delted some links on the links page.

18th January 2005
Well, it's been a busy 2 days, we've done alot of travelling, but we're home now ! So, the good news is that we are home safe and sound with the two Sierra GT's. Fortunately we didn't really have any problems, and the cars seem ok. I've updated the other photos section, with the pics from the trip to Holland and some more photos from my mobiles phone ... ;)

16th January 2005
I'm off to Holland to get another Sierra ! Nyahahaha ! And Martyn, my brother, is comming too to get a Sierra as well !!

4th January 2005
Updated the family photos and added some more music to the music player !

27th December 2004
New forum installed !! Make sure you check it out ... click HERE.

6th December 2004
The music player has been updated, so now there is a total of 176 songs ! Othewise, nothing much to say, except that I've added a little search thing at the top right, where you can do searchs on different search engines and eBay. So, there ya go ...

27th November 2004
Well, it's been a quite an interesting 2 months since I last updated the site. First of all, I bought my first car, a black Ford Sierra, from a guy in Germany. But, unfortunately, on the 21st of November I wrote it off when I had an accident. You can find out more about all that in the section " My car ". Another major change lately is that I don't have my super pc any more, as I sold most of it to pay for the car. Now I have an Athlon 64 system, that isn't too bad, but not anywhere near as good as last Pentium IV system. You can get the specs and so on of my new pc in the section " My computer ". Another huge loss was when my Raid fucked up, and I lost everything on my hard drives, around 240 Gb of stuff !! It's been a tough 2 months, having problems with my car, my pc, my girlfriend, my family and so on, but life goes on, and hopefully things will get better. I hope I'll find time to get something done to the site soon as well !!

3rd October 2004
So, today ... the French version of Danz Web v6 got released !! So that's something good done. Apart from that, I've now put the " Contact me " section online, and also I've remade the Ninjaaa! logo so that it's a bit more clear. So there you go ... things are getting done slowly ...  ;)

1st October 2004
The guestbook is now online ... so please take a minute or two and sign it !!  ;)  Apart from that, the games are now online as well, so if you have some time to waste there is no harm in having a bit of fun  ;) Another small change is the new Ninjaaa! logo that I made, I think it looks alot smarter than d'old pc I had there before ...

30th September 2004
Well as usual I havn't really had the time to do much to the site lately, but in past 2 days I have managed a little. I have now put the sections " My computer " and " My Sierra " online, and I've also updated the music player with 25 new songs, bringing us to a grand total of 80 songs  ;)  I'll try my best to get some more stuff online soon ...

19th September 2004
After a few problems, the site is now back online ... things should be back to nornal soon enough ...

12th September 2004
Well, here we are, Danz Web v6 is now public, although there is actually no content yet, lol. Be patient, things will be added slowly as and when I have the time and when I'm not being too lazy. The music player has now been finished, so check it out, 55 songs to listen to  ;)  I've decided that for the moment, this version will only be in english, giving me the chance to actually finish it this time, lol.

11th September 2004
Well, I was kind of bored with d'old Evo5 version of Danz Web, so I decided to change it, yet again. So here we are, the brand new version 6 ! I hope you like it ... if you don't, tough :P So today I just started to make the design in general, first tests and " Hey, what do you think of this ?? questions, lol. Check back for updates soon ...