Links to other websites :

Sites hosted by Danz Web :

GrandUnion Gallery A site about the Grand Union Canal and cars
Jess Pages My nieces site
Marty's Sierra Site My brothers site
Star of my mind My girlfriends site

News and Forums :

BBC News News from an English TV channel
Daily Yomiuri On-Line News from Japan
Ford Sierra Owners Club Forum The Ford Sierra Owners Club forum
Scottys Chit Chat thingy A friends forum
TF1 News News from a French TV channel

Fun :

B3TA Video, games, etc. Videos, pictures, games, etc..
Crapville Videos, pictures, games, etc..
Dave's Daily Videos, pictures, games, etc..
Hot or Not Vote if people are hot or not
Je me marre Funny pictures, etc.
Kitten War It's the war of the kittens !
Mucho Sucko Videos, pictures, games, etc..
Pen of Chaos The home of Donjon de Naheulbeuk etc.
The Gamblers Videos, pictures, games, etc..
Weebls Stuff Funny animations etc.

Music and Radio sites :

Fun Radio Fun Radio
Linkin Park Linkin Parks official site Lyrcis site
SkyRock SkyRock radio

Sites about Japan and learning Japanese :

Learn Japanese For learning Japanese
Nihon-fr A french site about Japanese stuff All about Japan and more
Japanese-Online For learning Japanese

Sites about cars :

ADDX ADDX magazine site
Fast Ford Fast Ford magazine site
Ford Sierra Owners Club Ford Sierra Owners Club
Ford Sierra Owners Club Forum Ford Sierra Owners Club - Forum A dutch Ford site
Japan Car A site about Japanese cars
Max Power Max Power magazine site
Performance Ford Performance Ford magazine site
Sierra Online A site about Ford Sierra's
The Car Maintenance Bibles A site about car maintenance
Top Secret A Japanese tuning company

Computer sites :

Abit Motherboards, graphics cards, etc.
AMD Processors
ATI Graphics cards
Canon Printers, scanners, cameras, etc.
Intel Processors
GeCube Graphics cards
Liteon Writers, readers etc.
Logitech Speakers, keyboards, mice, webcams, etc.
Maxtor Hard drives
Microsoft Software
nVidia Graphics cards
Thermalright Heatsinks
Thermaltake Cases, heatsinks, etc.

Computer reviews and news : Video reviews and stuff A good site for cracks and serial numbers Hardware news and reviews Hardware news, reviews, and overclocking database News, patches and cracks for games
The Guru of 3D Reviews of graphics cards etc
Tom's Hardware Guide Hardware news and reviews

Online shops :

C T Commerce Computer hardware etc.
E-Soph Computer hardware etc.
Ebay France Buy and sell everything here
Ebay Germany Buy and sell everything here
Ebay UK Buy and sell everything here
Fnac Computer hardware, software, games, music, films, etc.
LDLC Computer hardware etc.
Monsieur Prix Compare prices between various online shops
Rue du Commerce Computer hardware and more Computer hardware and more Overclocking hardware

ISP's, service providers and search engines :

9 TÚlÚcom A french ISP A french ISP
Google A good search engine
Hotmail Free Email provider A bit of everything here
MSN France A bit of everything here
MSN Japan A bit of everything here
Wanadoo A french ISP A search engine and more
Yahoo France A search engine and more
Yahoo Japan A search engine and more

Other sites : Anime downloads via bit torrent
Babel Fish Translation Service A free translation service
Byte Nova A site with bit torrent downloads
Credit Agricole - Centre Loire Credit Agricole - Centre Loire bank site
Dattebayo Fansubs Anime downloads (Naruto etc.) Download software A Canadian DVD online shop A site about Top Gear and Final Gear
Fruit of the Nile A site about ancient Egypt
Je me marre Funny pictures etc. Horrible pictures and videos etc. Horrible pictures etc.
TÚlÚ Download software
The Universal Currency Converter The latest exchange rates A site with bit torrent downloads
WorldLingo Online Translator A free translation service